A few music books/journals for sale

Friends, readers, colleagues –

I’ve been having a small clearout of books, and I have a number of items that probably aren’t much use to the average Oxfam or secondhand bookshop, but which I’d rather not chuck straight out. Mostly musicology/music related.

All of the below are available for a few pounds each (mostly to cover p+p). Please get in touch (gmail: timrutherfordjohnson) if you are interested.


Daniel Harrison: Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music £5 TAKEN

Harry Haskell: The Attentive Listener £6

Jamie James: The Music of the Spheres £4 TAKEN

Alan Robinson: Instabilities in Contemporary British Poetry £5

Journal issues

Cabinet: A Quarterly of Art and Culture, no.52 (Winter 2013–14) £4

Hungarian Music Quarterly, 8/1–2 (1997) £2

Journal of the American Musicological Society (£4 each):

  • 44/2 (Summer 1991)
  • 49/1 (Spring 1996)
  • 51/2 (Summer 1998) [two copies!]
  • 56/3 (Autumn 2003)
  • 57/1 (Spring 2004)
  • 59/1 (Spring 2006)
  • 59/2 (Summer 2006)

Mitteilungen der Paul Sacher Stiftung, 12 (April 1999) £2


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