Book update

Yesterday I emailed 115,000 words of manuscript to my editor at University of California Press. Not the completed book – there are a few gaps and things that need sorting out, and I have to produce the appendices too – but enough to send for peer review and advance to the next stage of the process.


Am I pleased? Yes. I still have a daunting amount of work to go, as the eight pages of to-do lists pinned to my wall will attest (see above), but flicking through things yesterday there are some bits in there that I’m really happy with. And the ending of the whole thing, if I can make it work, will be a doozy.

Unfortunately electronically delivered manuscripts don’t make for good photos, but maybe this pile of reference checking will be indicative of work recently done.



5 thoughts on “Book update

  1. Congratulations for your work! I can’t wait for read your book completed! I’m very interested in this period of music, near but unknown for many people. Thank you very much for your effort and best wishes for finishing it!

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