Follow My Score! Shortlist announced

The shortlist for the Score Follower/Incipitsify commissioning project has been announced: the three composers and piece on the list are:

Martin Iddon – Ampelos

Elena Rykova – 101% mind uploading

Julio Zúñiga – 24

The winner of the $1850 prize will be chosen by a public internet vote.

To cast your vote, simply watch all three videos, then click YouTube’s “like” button under your favourite.

Here, in full, are the complete rules from Score Follower:


• The finalist with the most likes by 1 Feb 2016 @20:00 ET will be commissioned $1,850 to write a new piece for Dal Niente.

• Please watch all videos before voting

• Do not vote multiple times under different google accounts

• Vote for one or two candidate(s)

• Dislikes will not be counted against the finalists’ scores

• If we detect that somebody has purchased likes for one of the videos, we will either zero-out the likes by re-uploading the videos, or even disqualify the composer in the case of multiple offenses. If we suspect suspicious activity, we will post screenshots of our analytics.

As far as we know, this is the first time that a composer will be commissioned based on YouTube likes.

There is a significant amount of money, and an attractive commission opportunity at stake, which makes the following concerns legitimate:

What happens from here on out is more like a lottery, or a popularity contest… or a testament to one of the finalists’ abilities at ‘winning the internet.’ Nevertheless, they have been selected to participate in it by a renown jury. We have talked with the finalists about this issue, and they understand these terms.

Our project format was meant to be an internet-equivalent to the Grawemeyer Award—a three round process starting with pre-selection by the program committee, which is then narrowed down by an international jury to three finalists, who are then chosen by an audience that has listened to live performances of the works. A Likes Campaign was the only feasible internet-equivalent to an audience-choice award that we could imagine, and whether or not it seems fair, it was really important for us that we turn to the internet community and crowdsource the commissionee. Living in a post-internet world, we figure that we must take the good with the bad, and accept the quirks/flaws of the internet, for this project at least.

All of this being said, we plan to do everything in our power to make this process as fair and transparent as possible.

We have put out four videos in sequence onto the channel, Score Follower: the three finalist videos first, and a separate video containing annotation links pointing to the videos to ensure that A. none of finalist videos are unfairly promoted by YouTube itself, which tends to push most recent content, and B. there is something that presents the works simultaneously that we could promote.

If there are any other aspects of this process that you believe could be improved in the name of fairness, please email us at incipitsifyq [at] gmail [dot] com


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