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Good reports about MacRae’s The Devil Inside

I’m seeing good things about Stuart MacRae’s The Devil Inside, premiered over the weekend by Scottish Opera: “as the darkness slowly encroached on the final scene, there was a truly chilling end as a final transaction was made and the last wish granted … a wonderful ghost story, just the thing for a dark winter night.”

Quite a success for SO’s Five:15 project, which launched several years ago with the aim of nurturing new operatic talent by pairing writers and composers, and starting small – so avoiding the in-at-the-deep-end feeling of many composers’ opera debuts. MacRae and writer Louise Welsh produced Remembrance Day together in 2009. This was followed by Ghost Patrol in 2012, like The Devil Inside a co-commission with Music Theatre Wales. Let’s hope The Devil Inside makes it south of the border soon; and that Scottish Opera’s model of gently blooding young composers on the operatic stage, which has been so successful here, is repeated elsewhere.

Update: MacRae has written to tell me that The Devil Inside will be touring the UK throughout February and April –see here for more details. Hurrah.

An earlier version of this post gave the opera’s title incorrectly as the Devil Within. Apologies for that.


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