Ian Pace on culture in the EU

In the run-up to the UK’s referendum on its membership in the EU (but of value to anyone interested in recent European culture), the pianist Ian Pace has been compiling an anthology, alphabetical by country, of post-1945 works of art, music, literature, dance, theatre, architecture, and more on his blog. In typical Pace fashion, these are uncompromising, fascinating, rich, and eye-openingly thorough. At the time of writing he has reached the Czech Republic, but posts are promised on all 28 member states over the next couple of weeks. These are really worth investigating; I’ll update the index below periodically as new posts are published:






Czech Republic




2 thoughts on “Ian Pace on culture in the EU

  1. I’ve been looking at some of the works Ian Pace mentions.
    There was stuff there that disgusted me, etc.

    I wish I could say: great that the UK did the Brexit, to distance itself from ridiculous self-mutilating performance art and other non-niceties, but the truth is: such filth can be found in the UK as well. That’s not a issue of nationality, etc.
    Also: Via the internet, anybody in the UK can call up information from anywhere in the world and vice versa.
    So Brexit or not… that will not have a big influence on art and culture. The good and the bad can be found everywhere.

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