Sounds Like Now: an update

Excitement is growing among the Sounds Like Now team as we approach 1 May and the publication of our first issue. Our first issue content is being put together – watch out for announcements about that to come. Copy is being written, illustrations are being drawn, photographs are being selected. Our event and product listings are also filling out, and here’s where you need to go to get details of your concert or new release listed. (Subscribers can list for free.)

SLN-darkblue-on-transI’ve been saying for years that contemporary classical music in the UK and Ireland needs a dedicated space for long-form, critical journalism, and this is what we are hoping to create. As I suggest in my editorial statement: art that isn’t talked about, dies. And that means not just promoting and previewing what we do amongst ourselves (although that is also important, and part of SLN’s remit), but approaching that work critically in ways that connect it to the wider world. Not just saying what a new work is, or even what it might mean, but also having the courage to ask: so what? This is a point repeatedly made by Gilda Williams in her outstanding book How to Write about Contemporary Art, which – inadvertently – crystallizes for me so many of the differences between writing about contemporary art and writing about contemporary music today.

(Update: Immediately after posting this, I recalled Alex Ross’s related and widely shared injunction published earlier this week, on ‘The Fate of the Critic in the Clickbait Age‘. I urge those who haven’t read it to do so.)

To start out, SLN will include each month two features, an extended critical review, news and a short musician portrait, but as our subscriber base grows we will be making it a priority to expand that offering. I do hope you will consider becoming a subscriber yourself; and if you would like to pitch an article (or just have a news item for us), please write to me at editor [at] soundslikenow [dot] net. If you enjoy reading The Rambler, I hope you will find much to like in Sounds Like Now as well.


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