New music mpFree: Edwin Roxburgh, Elegy

This week’s new music download comes from Christopher Redgate and Ensemble Exposé‘s excellent survey of the oboe music of Edwin Roxburgh.

Roxburgh himself is one of the finest oboists of his generation and his CV includes the UK premieres of Berio’s Sequenza VII and Holliger’s Cardiophonie. Elegy is a substantial work for oboe and ensemble that makes much use of oboe multiphonics (indeed these provide the basis for the work’s harmonic vocabulary), which are further distorted through occasional ring modulation and amplification. The writing is typically unprissy, yet also lyrical and moving in its own elegant way. The coda, a homage to ‘the calm and generous nature of Janet Craxton‘ (another oboist) that drifts up into the clouds, is breathtakingly serene. Redgate, as ever, is an exemplary soloist.

Roxburgh: Oboe MusicChristopher Redgate, Stephen Robbings, Ensemble Exposé, Roger Redgate
“Elegy” (mp3)
from “Roxburgh: Oboe Music”

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Tristan Perich – 1 Bit Symphony

Earlier this year everyone was getting very excited about Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony, the conceptual CD release that combines the structural sweep of classical composition with the gallery aesthetic of sound art. Well, it was finally released on Cantaloupe today. Of course, the cool thing to have is the handmade jewel case-cum circuit board, but if you want a quick 1-Bit fix then the five-movement Symphony is also available as an mp3 download. And because I luvs ya, here’s a free download of the first movement for your enjoyment.

1-Bit SymphonyTristan Perich
“1-Bit Symphony: Movement 1” (mp3)
from “1-Bit Symphony”
(Cantaloupe Music)

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Blogariddims 50: Terminus

For this final Blogariddims podcast a bunch of the regulars have contributed six or seven minutes each, which Droid has mixed down into one continuous hour of mayhem. The write-ups are all in a relay, Olympic torch-like, so you may have just got here from Matt B’s blog: hi! I’m writing this before I’ve heard any of the other sections, so I really hope my odd little selection fits in and doesn’t turn too many people off.

Given that I put this together during my two weeks of paternity leave, there should probably be some sort of fatherhood-related theme here, but there isn’t. Basically I started from the same place as the first mix I did (Monk + Ligeti) and kicked it in a completely new direction. The fact that the Harold Budd track starts out sounding like a piss-take of I am Sitting in a Room (another track used on that first mix) helped steer that direction. The other tracks are just a bunch of things I was really into at the time I became a dad, no more no less. I suppose I had half an ear on what the other Blogamuffins might be up to with the Lang and Maierhof choices throwing some loops and beats into the mix at the end, but this is seriously great music on its own merit. I urge you to check any of these artists and albums out at full length.


Harold Budd – Sound-Text composition (Source magazine)
Meredith Monk – Long Shadows 1 (ECM)
György Ligeti – Cello Concerto, 1st movement (Deutsche Grammophon)
Helmut Lachenmann – Gran Torso (Col legno)
Mark Applebaum – The Bible Without God (Innova)
Arvo Pärt – Für Alina (BIS)
Adam Stansbie – Isthmus, 1st movement (SONUS podcast)
Iannis Xenakis – Tetras (Montaigne)
Bernhard Lang – DW 8 (Col legno)
Michael Maierhof – Splitting (Megadisc)
Fausto Romitelli – The Nameless City (unreleased)

Cheers to Droid for all his hard work managing us reprobates over two years of podcasting. It’s been a real pleasure to be involved, and to listen to so much great music. Thanks.

And now the baton passes to Wayne and Wax