New Music on a Shoestring: April

Here’s some background to NMoaS.

The main event this month for cheap new music bunnies is the fuseleeds Festival in Leeds. Many more details about this event, which runs from 25 April to 2 May are available here; performers include Icebreaker, Phil Minton, Mary Dullea, David Gedge, Exaudi, Labyrinth and more. Many events are free or very cheap: see the full programme for more details.

Other than that, there’s still plenty else going on – read on …

3 April

New Noise, Artrix, Bromsgrove, 8pm [details]

Birtwistle: Pulse Sampler; John Lely: Desk Bells; Skempton: Random Girl; Adrian Lee: Peace for Vayu; Simon Holt: Sphinx; David Lang: The Anvil Chorus; Cage: Ryoanji; Holt: Banshee


7 April

Philharmonia Orchestra: Music of Today, Festival Hall, 6pm [details]

Hans Abrahamsen: Schnee – Part I; Märchenbilder


20 April

The Mercury Quartet, Michael Oliva (electronics), Rosie Coad (soprano), Carla Ress (alto flute), Royal College of Music, 7.30pm [details- sorry, the RCM don’t give unique URLs for individual events]

Tristram Cary: I am here; Xenakis: Orient–Occident; Stockhausen: Solo; Murail: Allégories

Free (tickets required)

23 April

Sarah Watts, Heather Roche (bass clarinets), The Space, London, 7:30pm [details]

To include works by Elspeth Brooke, Stuart Russell, George Nicholson, Mark Hewitt, Stefan Heuke, Burkhardt Soll and Liza Lim.

Tickets are £6–7 (£5 concs.) so slightly outside the NMoaS rules, but this looks like a great concert so worth making an exception for.

New Music on a Shoestring: March 2009

Lots to mention here, so straight into it:

5 March

Royal Academy of Music Manson Ensemble, CBSO Centre, Birmingham, 6.30pm [details]

Knussen: Cantata; Carter: ASKO Concerto


on the same night:

Barry Truax, Phipps Concert Hall, University of Huddersfield, 7.30pm [details, PDF]

Electroacoustic music by Truax, with a pre-concert talk by the composer.


6 March

RAM Composition Department, Azalea, Royal Academy of Music, London, 6pm [details]

Andriessen: Workers’ Union


on the same night:

Sarah Nicolls, Phipps Concert Hall, University of Huddersfield, 7.30pm [details, PDF]

Works for piano and electronics by Mark Bowden, Federico Reuben and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay.


7 March

MANTIS Festival, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, University of Manchester, 1pm [details]

The 11th MANTIS Festival of electroacoustic music kicks off with works by Manchester Uni postgraduate composers.


Following this, at the same venue, 7.30pm [details]

More from MANTIS, featuring works by Barry Truax, Thomas Bjelkeborn, David Berezan and Ricardo Climent

£4/2, or £5/3 for the two concerts together

8 March

Final MANTIS concert, Nexus Art Café, Manchester M1 1JW , 7pm [details]

A night of experimental electronics, laptop improvisation and visuals from BNUNC, Mark Pilkington and Bling this Story.


10 March

Britten Sinfonia, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge CB3 9DP, 1pm [details]

Concert includes John Woolrich’s Quiddities and a new work from Pawel Mykietyn.


12 March

Richard Craig, St.Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, 7.30pm [details, PDF]

Concert to include: Sciarrino: Fra i testi dedicati alle nubi, Bernhard Lang: Schrift 1.2, John Croft: ne L’aura che trema, Margaret Haley: Tau 1 Gruis, Marco De Boni: Per Flauto Solo, Ferneyhough: Unity Capsule

£6 (3/2 concs.) This one’s a little more than the £5 Shoestring limit, but it’s such a tasty looking programme I figure you can find that extra pound if you’re in the area.

13 March

Ossian Ensemble, Royal College of Music, London, 7.30pm [details]

Programme includes: Crumb: Vox Balanae, Richard Barrett: Codex I, Stockhausen: Dr K Sextett, Grisey: Talea.

Probably my pick of the month this; not to be missed. (Barrett’s Codex I features on the recently re-issued negatives CD by ELISION, to be reviewed here soon.)


15 March

New Music Morning, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge CB3 0AQ, 12pm [details]

Works for radio reception and transmission by Cage and others.


17 March

RAM Composition Department, Royal Academy of Music, London, 6pm [details]

Works by Colin Matthews and a new piece by Richard Bullen.


19 March

RWCMD Millennium Ensemble, National Temple of Peace and Health, Cardiff CF10 3AP, 7.30pm [details]

Concert features Harvey: Soleil Noir/Chitra, Harvey: Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco, Stockhausen: Refrain, Chris Petrie: Sinfonia Concertante


20 March

Vaganza, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, University of Manchester, 1.10pm [details]

Works by John McCabe and new works by student composers.


later in the day:

Vaganza, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, University of Manchester, 1.10pm [details]

More McCabe.

21 March

Manchester University Wind Orchestra, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, University of Manchester, 1.10pm [details]

John McCabe: Cloudcatcher Fells, McCabe: Canyons, Joseph Horovitz: Bacchus on Blue Ridge, Martin Ellerby: Paris Sketches, Ellerby: New World Dances, Ellerby: Dreamscapes


23 March

Rarescale, All Saints Church, Oakleigh Park, London, 6:15pm

Michael Kamon: Roominating, Ian Wilson: Spilliaert’s Beach, Brendan Colbert: of two minds


I’m taking this information on trust: the rarescale website is horrible and keeps crashing my Firefox, and I can’t find details anywhere else.

26 March

Jack Quartet, St.Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, 7.30pm [details, PDF]
Xenakis: Tetora, Richard Glover: Inversions in Retrograde, Aaron Cassidy: String Quartet, Timothy McCormack: Ecceity, Xenakis: ST/4

Again, this is also £6 (£2/3 for concs.) but my qualifier for the Richard Craig concert above applies here too, perhaps more so.

29 March

COMA, Chapel of the Ascension, University of Chichester, 3.30pm [details]

Concert includes pieces by Jennifer Walshe, Robert Ashley, Philip Cashian and Alexander Campkin.


3 April

New Noise, Artrix, Bromsgrove, B60 1PQ, 8pm [details]

Concert includes pieces by Birtwistle, John Lely, Howard Skempton, David Lang and Simon Holt.


Crunchy Sounds: New Music on a Shoestring revived!

Ever sharp to the mood of the times, Alex has an article on cheap music and opera in New York. In a follow-up post he calls for some sort of centralised clearing house for posting cheap tickets.

Which reminds me: it’s high time to revive my New Music on a Shoestring series.

Here are the rules:

1. New Music only: post-1945 composed music for attentive listening.

2. There must be tickets must be available to all (sorry, concessions don’t count, although some of the concerts listed will have still cheaper seats for students etc.) for £6 or less;  the range of seats can go higher than this, but there must be a lowest price of £6 or less.

3. I’m dealing with the UK only – sorry world.

I don’t claim to be comprehensive: if you have an event that you’d like me to mention and that meets these three rules, drop me a line.

So, on to this month’s listings:

3 February

Viviane Hagner, Wigmore Hall, 6pm [details]

Carter: Lauds for solo violin.

Free to ticket holders for the 7pm concert (Pacifica Quartet play Carter Quartets 1–5), £5 for everyone else.

4 February

Ian Pace, St David’s Room, King’s College London, 7.30pm [details]

Piano music by Zimmermann, Boulez, Henze, König, Otte and Stockhausen. See earlier post.


5 February

Gavin Osborn, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall,  University of Manchester, 1.10pm [details]

Pieces for flute by Hosokawa, Sciarrino, Murail, Takemitsu and others.


6 February

Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy of Music, 6pm [details]

Dmitri Smirnov: Dream Journey


Birmingham Conservatoire Brass Band, Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, 7pm [details]

Pieces by George Lloyd, John McCabe, Peter Graham, Vladimir Cosma


8 February

Cappé Quartet, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 12pm [details]

Music by Jeremy Thurlow, Kim Ashton, Kate Whitley


9 February

Mary Dullea and Julia Bardsley, Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, 7.30pm [details]

Music by Andrew Poppy, Jennifer Walshe, George Crumb, Stephen Montague, Rolf Hind, Joe Cutler, Ed Bennett and Frank Lyons


10 February

Lucy McIntyre, Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire, 1.05pm [details]

Flute music by Ruth Young, Takemitsu, Richard Causton, Stephen Mark Barchan and Samuel Bordoli


12 February

Rhodri Davies, St Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, 1.15pm [details]

Harp music by Jean-Luc Guionet, Mieko Shiomi, Ben Patterson and Claudia Molitor


16 February

Rarescale, All Saints Church, London N20 [details]

Music for flute and piano by Martha Stoddard, Ian Clarke, Arthur Butterworth and York Bowen


17 February

Rarescale,Chapel Royal, Brighton [details]

Music for flute and piano by Ian Clarke, Arthur Butterworth and York Bowen


19 February

Christopher Redgate, St Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, 1.15pm [details]

Oboe music by Edwin Roxburgh, Aaron Cassidy, Fabrice Fitch, Finnissy, Skempton


26 February

Philip Thomas, St Paul’s Hall Phipps Concert Hall, University of Huddersfield, 5.30pm [details]

New music for piano and electronics (Moog Bar midi interface) by Huddersfield staff and students


New Music on a Shoestring – October

Better late than never, and there’s still a ton of new music available for £6 or less around the UK this month.

17th October

Royal Academy of Music, 7.30pm, £6/£4 conc.

The Academy’s Manson Ensemble make their first contribution to the Nono-ganza with a concert of mutual modernist back-slapping – Boulez’s Dérive I and Kurtág’s Requiem for the Beloved are accompanied by Nono’s A Pierre and Omaggio à György Kurtág, plus a new work by Academy composer Alexander Campkin. Not including Kurtág’s Omaggio à Luigi Nono seems like an opportunity missed, but should be a great concert. More info.

19th October

Royal Academy of Music, 7.30pm, £6/£4 conc.

The Academy Manson Ensemble again, playing more Nono (Polifonica-monodia-ritmica), with Dallapiccola’s Piccola musica notturna, Maderna’s Serenata per un satellite and Schoenberg’s Serenade, plus a new piece by Patrick Nunn. More info.

21st October

St Margaret’s Church, Victoria Avenue, Finchley, 2.30pm, free

Chamber group Sounds Positive (who were once kind enough to play a piece of mine, back when I did that kind of thing) play a programme that includes works by John Stanley, Avril Anderson and a new piece by David Sutton-Anderson. More details from 020 83492317.

22nd October

Royal Academy of Music, 6.00pm, free

More Nono at the RAM; this time Academy soloists get in on the act with Maderna’s Dialodia, Varèse’s Density 21.5, Nono’s ‘Hay que caminar’ soñando and a new work by Paul Evernden. More info.

22nd-23rd October

UCE Birmingham Conservatoire

Independently of all the Nono going on in London, the UCE Birmingham Conservatoire are holding a mini-festival of new Italian music. The two-day event features four concert:

22nd October: Recital Hall, 3pm, £3

Video presentation featuring electro-acoustic works by composers from the Edison Studio – Mauro Cardi, Alessandro Cipriani, Luigi Ceccarelli and Fabio Cifariello Ciardi. More info.

Recital Hall, 7pm, £5/£3

Electro-acoustic concert featuring works by Giacomo Manzoni, Agostino Di Scipio, Azio Corghi, Giorgio Tedde, Luca Francesconi and Aldo Clementi. More info.

23rd October: Recital Hall, 3pm, £3

A second pre-concert video presentation, focussing on MM&T composers, Walter Prati, Matteo Pennese and Nicola Sani.

Recital Hall, 7pm, £5/£3

The second concert features works by Luciano Berio, Mauro Cardi, Gabriele Manca, Walter Prati, Fausto Sebastiani and Michele Tadini.

26th October

St Anne and St Agnes, Gresham Street, London, 1.10pm, free

Rarescale Flute Academy play selections from Birtwistle’s Duets for Storab, alongside pieces by Victoria and Mozart. More info.

29th October

Recital Hall, UCE Birmingham Conservatoire, 7pm, £5/£3

The Fitzwilliam String Quartet and Suzanna Purkis, voice, present works by Joanna Lee, Liz Johnson, Philip Cashian, Simon Hall, Lamberto Coccioli and Michael Wolters. More info.

30th October

Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill, Aberdeen, 5.30pm, free

Rohan de Saram, cello, plays Bach’s Suite no.3, Isang Yun’s Glisees and Ligeti’s Sonata. More info. (Part of the wider sound festival.)

31st October

Doncaster Museum Art Gallery, Chequer Road, Doncaster, 1pm, £3/£2/£1

Pianist Stephen Beville gives a lunchtime recital that includes Beethoven’s E flat sonata, Berio’s Four Elemental Preludes, Liszt’s Sonata après une lecture de Dante and Beville’s own Scenes from Dreams.
More info.

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 10pm, £5

Naturally the Pollini recital earlier in the evening (featuring … sofferte one serene …) is the big event, but don’t sleep on this one. The dream team pairing of Irvine Arditti (vn) and André Richard (elecs) are brought together for a late night performance of Nono’s hair-raising, epic and absolutely extraordinary La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura. More info. Read more about La lontananza here.

Music Of Today: Peter Eötvös

Now that things are back up and running, concert-wise, I’ll put together a list of new music on shoestring for this month, but in the meantime I’ll just draw attention to this, tomorrow evening, 6pm at the RFH:

Music Of Today: Peter Eötvös

Yes, the return (and back in the revamped Festival Hall), of the Philharmonia’s Music of Today series. I say this every year, but this remains one of my favourite regular events on the London music scene: an hour of great contemporary music, introduced by the composer, and just the right size to squeeze between finishing work and starting the rest of your evening. And it’s FREE. This year begins with Péter Eötvös’s Chinese Opera, which is not an opera at all.

New Music on a Shoestring – June

For those visitors who are new to the site on the back of the last Blogariddims thing, this ‘new music on a shoestring’ is something I do most months. I’ve been a bit slack about it recently, but the amount of great new music coming round in June is too much to ignore. What follows are just the highlights:

3 June

Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, noon, £6/£4 conc.

Melvyn Poore (tuba) and Anton Lukaszevieze (cello) play works by Poore, Lucier, Stockhausen, Duchamp and John White. This sounds great – if you’re in Cambridge you should go. More info.

4 June

Great Hall, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, 7pm, free

The Goldsmiths Contemporary Music Ensemble play Nono’s La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura and Barry Guy’s WGG. Mark your diaries, because you have no good reason not to see this. More info.

7 June

Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall, New Cross, 1.05pm, free

Another Goldsmiths thing, for which I make no apology – this concert features string quartets by Michael Parsons, John Lely, Tim Parkinson, Jerry Wigens and John White. More info.

9 June

The Space, 269 West Ferry Road, London, 2-5pm, £5/£2 conc.

The Wild Dog Summer Party, a lengthened summer programme with lots of new music; film; dance and live art, featuring Matt Wright (turntables), Christopher Redgate and Paul Archibold (oboes), William Raajiman (sax), Kat Vipers (piano/voice), Stephen Altoft, trumpet, Jerry Wigens, clarinet, Stefano Tedesco, electronics/percussion and Oli Mayne, vibraphone. More info.

13-15, 20-22 June

Shunt Vaults, Joiner Street, London Bridge, 6pm

Six nights of mprovised music and sound installations, variously featuring Evan Parker, Icarus, Slub and Goldsmiths EMS musicians. Shunt is a member’s bar, so day membership is required for non-members (£5). More info.
13 and 14 June

Royal Northern College of Music, and BBC Studio 7, Manchester

Three concerts as a part of the RNCM’s focus on Australian composer Brett Dean. Two of the concerts (at 1.15pm and 7.30pm on the 14th) are free, the concert on the 13th is just a fiver. Looks good – more details here.

14 June

Spitalfields Festival: Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch, 9pm, £5-£18

Loré Lixenberg (mezzo-soprano/violin), David Alberman (violin)

There are lots of concerts in the Spitalfields Festival, for which tickets start at £5. Many of them feature new music, but this is one of the stand-outs for me. Includes music by Aperghis, Cage, Kurtág (the not-often-performed S.K. Remembrance Noise), Nørgard, Sørensen, Holt and Burrell. Earlier in the same evening at the same venue, you can also see:

Royal Academy of Music Soloists, 6.30pm, £5-£18

Works by Schnittke (Concerto Grosso no.1), Osborne (Taw-Raw) and Xenakis (Aroura). More info.

16 June

Spitalfields Festival: Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch, 6pm, £5-£18

Another great-looking concert at Spitalfields (I think this is the best programme I remember for the festival in some years). Philip Mead (piano/electronics) plays music by Harvey, Knussen, Mann and Dench. More info.

20 June

Spitalfields Festival: Christ Church Spitalfields, 9pm, £5-£22

And it doesn’t stop there at Spitalfields, as Bengali ensemble Surtaal, along with Kutub Uddin (flute/bahshi) and Chris Brannick (percussion), play Stockhausen (Zyklus), Burnell (Pascal’s Carriage) and Rzewski (To the Earth), as well as traditional Bengali music and collaborative pieces. More info.

24 June

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, 6pm, free

The Philharmonia’s regular Music of Today series turns to George Benjamin. More info.

Inverlieth House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, all day, free

If you’re in Edinburgh this might be worth a look – the morning features percussion workshops for children, the afternoon includes several Cage pieces, including 4’33”, and a musicircus. More info.

25 June

Recital Hall, UCE Birmingham Conservatoire, 7pm, £5/£3 conc.

Alonso Mendoza (percussion) plays works by Xenakis, Alvarez, ter Veldhuis, Druckman and Liz Johnson. More info.

27 June

Adrian Boult Hall, UCE Birmingham Conservatoire, 7.30pm, £3

Billed as ‘Hootenanny with Moondog’, conservatoire students play music for brass by the hobo iconoclast, alongside Hootenanny by Martin Butler. More info.

New Music on a Shoestring: March

Usual rules apply – UK concerts only, got to be non-concession tickets available for a fiver or less. (Although I’m thinking of expanding this to £6 since that seems to be the price of a lot of things these days.) If you think your concert should be in this list, tell me about it!

1st March

Royal Academy of Music

Royal Academy Soloists, Clio Gould (dir.), Jonathan Deakin (cello), free entry, 6pm

Includes Tippett, Light Music, Paul Patterson’s Cello Concerto and a new work by Mi Hyun Woo, C-dega.

2nd March

Royal Academy of Music

Academy Manson Ensemble, Dominic Grier (cond.), free, 5.05pm

More Patterson – Intersections and Westerly Winds, Bruno Gabirro’s Entre murmúrios e silêncios and James Williamson, Music for Six.

Great Hall, Goldsmiths College

New electroacoustic works by composition students at Goldsmiths. Free, 7.30pm

4th March

Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

Cambridge Gamelan Society, Anton Lukoszevieze (cello), free, 12pm

Music for cello and small gamelan ensemble.

5th March

Coombehurst Studio, Kingston University

Peter Hill (piano), Paul Archibold (electronics), free, 1.10pm

Messiaen, Le traquet stapezin, La chouette hulotte, L’alouette lulu, Archibold, Recoil

Recital Hall, UCE Birmingham Conservatoire

Stefan Östersjö (guitar), £5/£3, 7pm

Pieces by Natasha Barrett, Viking Eggeling, Michele Tadini, Henrik Frisk, Kent Olofsson, Richard Karpen and Paul Dolden.

7th March

Royal Academy of Music

Mainly New, Christopher Austin (cond.)

Diana Burrel, Gulls and Angels, Double Image, Piece Number 80, Schubert, Quartettsatz

9th March

Royal College of Music

Madestrange Opera: from the Soundhouse, free, 7pm

Kaija Saariaho, Lonh, Daniel Rugman, Two Shakespeare Sonnets, Michael Oliva/Deepak Kalha, The Girl Who Liked to be Thrown Around

15th March

Southbank Centre

Philharmonia Orchestra: Martin Musical Scholarship FundRecital, free, 6pm

Naoko Miyamoto (violin), Simon Lane (piano)

Works by Prokofiev, Bartók, Wieniawski and Aaron Holloway-Nahu, Breathless

Royal Academy of Music

Academy Brass Soloists, James Watson (dir.), free 6pm

Patterson, Deception Pass, Timothy Bowers, Sonata for Bass Trombone and Piano, Robert Szymanek, May it fill your soul, John Gardner, Quartet for Brass, Jeffrey Agrell, Jive Concerto

16 March

The Spitz

Gobsmack: Thinking Outside the Voicebox, £5, 7.30pm

JUICE, Curious Voice Duo, Jamie Woon, Jenni Roditi, Wan Dan

I’m definitely gonna be at this one, cos I’m reviewing it. Looks good – see you there!

17 March

Queen’s College, Cambridge

Vigani’s Cabinet, free, 2pm and 5pm (plus composer’s round table at 4)

New works by Sadie Harrison, Laurence Crane, Andrew Hamilton, Naomi Pinnock.

New Music on a Shoestring: July

As ever, plenty of new music concerts in London and around the country this month for £5 or less.

Not least of which are the BBC Proms, which start on the 14th and continue right through to 9th September; a full programme is available through the BBC, or you can buy one. There are plenty of concerts that I’m not going to mention here that include new music of some sort or another; what follows are my highlights for this month. All Proms concerts at the Albert Hall include prommers tickets available on the night for just a fiver.

Prom 5: 17th July, 10pm. Late-night chamber music played by London Winds. Includes Jonathan Dove, Figures in the Garden and Colin Matthews, To Compose Without the Least Knowledge of Music.

Prom 7: 19th July, 7pm. Concert for the Queen’s 80th birthday notable for her Master of Music, Peter Maxwell Davies’ contribution of an opening fanfare, A Little Birthday Music.

Prom 18: 27 July, 7.30pm. Jonathon Nott and the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. Includes the UK premiere of Rihm’s Verwandlung.

Elsewhere, this week sees the start of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s New Music Festival. Satie and Sciarrino are the two main focuses – Satie’s Vexations gets one of its now-frequent outings as the opening event, starting at 1pm on Wednesday 5th. There are also three concerts – on the 6th, 10th and 12th – featuring works by Satie and Sciarrino alongside music by GSMD student composers, as well as two concerts of electronic music, and more. All concerts are free and are at the Guildhall, in the Lecture Recital Room [directions].

On the 31st July, at the Spitz – like Cargo, one of London’s more interesting venues – Music Orbit (a spin-off of the iF Festival) present a combination of gamelan, improvisation, electronica and lyrical chamber music from the comined forces of NEM, Makeshift, and the North Sea Radio Orchestra. Tickets are £5, it starts at 8pm, and the Spitz bistro does excellent food…

Outside London, two concerts by the the Royal Northern College’s New Ensemble present Ligeti’s Melodien, Eötvös’s Chinese Opera (6th July, 9pm start) and Reich’s City Life (7th July, 10.30pm start; you may need to scroll down a little). Both concerts are £3 admission, more details from the RNCM.

New Music on a Shoestring: June

As well as all the goings-on at the Spitalfields Festival, there are plenty of other cheap new music gigs to be had this month.

Tomorrow evening, Thomas Adès’ Powder Her Face is at the Barbican; tickets start at £5, so it just sneaks a mention.

As part of the Aldeburgh Festival, there is a Brian Ferneyhough portrait concert this Saturday afternoon at Orford Church, Aldeburgh. Motets by Ockeghem and Obrecht are included amidst Ferneyhough’s Missa Brevis, Intermedio alla Ciaconna and Unsichtbare Farben. Tickets start at £5 and, generously, anyone under 27 gets in half price.

Howard Skempton will be playing a number of his accordion miniatures at UCE Birmingham Conservatoire on Monday 12th, along with Conservatiore students in a performance of Cardew’s Autumn ’60 (tickets £4/£2). In an apparently unrelated event, COMA North West also perform Autumn ’60 at Prescot Parish Church, Prescot, Merseyside (admission free).

Thursday 15th sees the last concert in the Philharmonia‘s current Music of Today series of free new music concerts. This one features three young composers, including RPS Composition Prize-winner Emily Hall, in settings of Emily Dickinson.

UCE Birmingham Conservatoire is the place to be in the middle of the month. There’s more top value new music on Friday 16th as Kieran O’Riordan conducts the West Midlands branch of COMA in new works by Conservatoire students and COMA members. Tickets are a princely £1. Then on Monday 19th David Purser (trombone) and Ronald Woodley (clarinets) play works by Joe Cutler, Lamberto Coccioli, Michael Smetanin, Christopher Fox and Liz Johnson. Tickets are £4/£2 concs. Stick around because on the 20th Ensemble Interakt play works by Jonathan Green, Stephen Mark Barchan and Phillip Neil Martin (tickets: £2/£1). And finally on the 21st Conservatoire performers play music for brass and saxophones by Michael Daugherty, Andriessen and Stockhausen. Nice.

Finally, two concerts by the Camberwell Composers’ Collective are worth mentioning, playing works by collective members Mark Bowden, Anna Meredith, Emily Hall (see Music of Today on the 15th) and Chris Mayo. They’re at the Pumphouse, Aldeburgh on the 23rd and the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell on the 26th. Tickets for each are a fiver. Update: It appears the 26th gig (that’s tonight) is no more; I can’t find details on the Blue Elephant site or the C3 site. However, C3 are going to be at the Blue Elephant on 2nd July, and this time for free. Bargain.