I have written numerous reviews of CDs, live events and books on new music since 2003 for this blog and various print and online publications, including Tempo, PositionenNutida musik, The Wire and Frieze. The following list is updated periodically.


Linda Catlin Smith: Meadow (Louth Contemporary Music Society), Positionen

Adrian Knight: Fly By Night (Thanatosis THT2), Nutida musik


Bastard Assignments: Lockdown Jams (Youtube), The Rambler, 31 July 2020

Linda Buckley: From Ocean’s Floor (NMC), The Rambler, 1 October 2020

Leo Chadburn: The Subject/The Object (Library of Nothing, Bandcamp), Tempo

Amy Cimini and Bill Dietz, eds: Maryanne Amacher: Selected Writings and Interviews (Blank Forms, 2020), Tempo

Amy Cimini and Bill Dietz, eds: Maryanne Amacher: Selected Writings and Interviews (Blank Forms, 2020), The Wire

Frank Denyer: In the Margins of Composition (Vision Edition, 2019), Tempo

London Contemporary Music Festival, Ambika P3, Positionen, 122 (2020), 68–70

Nam June Paik, Tate Modern, London, Positionen no.123 (2020), 107–109


Jane Antonia Cornish: Constellations (innova), The Rambler, 1 February 2019

Kammerklang: Jennifer Walshe and Tony Conrad, Kathryn Williams, Elena Rykova, Down the Rabbit Hole, Cathy van Eck, Hanna Kölbel, Positionen, no. 188 (2019), 71–73

November Music, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Positionen, no. 118 (2019), 91–93

Steve Clay and Ken Friedman (eds): Intermedia, Fluxus and the Something Else Press: Selected Writings by Dick Higgins (Siglio Press, 2019), Positionen, no. 119 (2019), 78–80

Eva-Maria Houben: Musical Practice as a Form of Life (Transcript Verlag, 2019), The Wire

Angela Ida de Benedictis and Veniero Rizzardi (eds): Nostalgia for the Future: Luigi Nono’s Selected Writings and Interviews (University of California Press, 2019), Positionen, no. 121 (2019), 98–100

SPOR Festival for Contemporary Music and Sound Art 2019, Aarhus, Denmark, Tempo

Suk-Jun Kim: Humming (Bloomsbury, 2019) and Lawrence Kramer: The Hum of the World (University of California Press, 2019), The Wire


Timothy Dunne: MetaphraseThe Rambler (innova 930), 17 April 2018

‘Sounds Funny: A Report from the Borealis Festival’, Frieze, 28 March 2018

Kammerklang: Antonia Barnett-McIntosh, David Helbich, Matt Rogers, Cafe Oto, Tempo

Irene Kurka: ChantsThe Rambler (EWR 1710) 17 April 2018

Alexander Knaifel: Lukomoriye (ECM New Series 2436), Tempo

Arvo Pärt: The Symphonies (ECM), The Rambler, 18 April 2018

Heather Roche: Christopher Fox: Headlong (Métier MSV28573), The Rambler, 17 April 2018

Amnon Wolman: Security Vehicles Only (Intermedia, Bandcamp), Tempo


Laurence Crane: Sound of Horse, asamisamas (Hubro HUBROCD2582) and 6 Trios, 2 Solos and 1 Quintet, Ives Ensemble (Nimbus NI6337), Tempo

Crystal Mooncone: Listening Beam Five (innova 973), The Rambler, 2 May 2017

Grant Cutler: Self Portrait (innova 961), The Rambler, 2 May 2017

Chaya Czernowin: Infinite Now, Opera Vlannderen, Ghent, The Rambler, 20 April 2017

EXAUDI: James Weeks: Mala Punica (Winter&Winter 910 239-2), The Rambler, 2 May 2017

Arturo Fuentes: Broken Mirrors; Liquid Crystals; Ice Reflection; Glass Distortion. Quatuor Diotima (Kairos 0015015KAI), Tempo

‘Forty Years of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival’, Frieze, 7 December 2017

Bill Alves and Brett Campbell: Lou Harrison: American Musical Maverick (Indiana University Press, 2017)

Julius Eastman at LCMF: Part 1, Part 2The Rambler, 16 and 19 December 2017

Eva-Maria Houben: livres d’heures (EWR 1607/08), The Rambler, 2 May 2017

Ragnar Kjartansson: An die Musik, London Contemporary Music Festival, Ambika P3, The Rambler, 28 December 2017

Nordic Music Days, Southbank Centre, London, Nutida musik

Only Connect Festival of Sound 2017, Oslo, Tempo

Luís Antunes Pena: Caffeine (Wergo WER6416 2), Tempo

Manfred Werder: 2003/1–3 (EWR 1601-03), The Rambler, 2 May 2017

Seth Parker Woods: awordisnotenough (Confront ccs69), The Rambler, 29 March 2017


Loadbang: Lungpowered (New Focus Recordings FCR163), Tempo, no. 276 (2016)

Diego Castro Magas: Shrouded in Mirrors (HCR10 CD), The Rambler, 30 September 2016

Jesper Nordin: Double Concerto; Frames in Transit (dB Productions dBCD159), Nutida musik, no. 258 (2016), 57

Norrbotten NEO: The Age of Wire and String (Studio Acusticum SA02) and New Sweden: Diptychon (Studio Acusticum SA05), Nutida musik

Rose Dodd, ed.: Perspectives on the Music of Christopher Fox (Ashgate), The Rambler, 17 November 2016

Leon Michener: Klavikon (Nonclassical: NONCLSS020) The Rambler, 3 November 2016

Heather Roche: Ptelea (HCR09 CD), The Rambler, 30 September 2016

Philip Thomas: Michael Finnissy: Beat Generation Ballads (HCR11 CD), The Rambler, 30 September 2016

Philip Venables: 4.48 Psychosis, Royal Opera House at Lyric Hammersmith, London; Liza Lim: Tree of Codes: Cut-outs in Time, Musikfabrik, Cologne Opera, Cologne, Tempo


Frank Denyer: Whispers (Another Timbre at82), Tempo

New York Philharmonic Orchestra: Contact!, Milton Court Concert Hall, London, Tempo

The Vocal Constructivists: Walking Still (innova 898); EXAUDI: ‘Exposure 2014’, Bishopsgate Institute, London; Kammer Klang, Café OTO, London, Tempo

Marie Samuelsson: Solgudinnan (Myran Prod 01), Nutida musik, no. 3 (2014–15), 45

Dan Truemam: Nostalgic Synchronic, Adam Sliwinski (New Amsterdam Records NWAM070); Eve Egoyan: Linda Catlin Smith: Thought and Desire (Earwitness Editions/World Edition EE2015), Tempo


Joseph Auner: Music in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (W.W. Norton and Company), Tempo no.268 (2014), 108–123

Keith Potter, Kyle Gann and Pwyll ap Siôn, eds: The Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Postminimalist Music (Ashgate, 2103), Tempo

Lars Petter Hagen: Norwegian Archives (Aurora, ACD5074), Nutida musik no. 3 (2013–14), 51


Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow and Katya Johnson, eds: The Audience Experience: A Critical Analysis of Audiences in the Performing Arts (Intellect), Tempo

Alex Hills: The Music of Making Strange (Carrier Records 019), Tempo

musikFabrik: Liza Lim: Tongue of the Invisible (Wergo 6859 2), The Rambler, June 2013

‘Just what London needs’, The London Ear Festival of Contemporary Music, The Rambler, April 2013

ELISION in Huddersfield, The Rambler, February 2013

Birmingham Opera Company: Stockhausen: MittwochTempo, no.263 (2013), 69–70


Arvo Pärt in Conversation (Dalkey Archive, 2012), The Rambler, November 2012

Tom Johnson: Correct Music (populist records, PR002), The Rambler, October 2012

Loré Lixenberg, Gregory Rose, Robert Worby: Cage: Song Books (sub rosa, SR344), The Rambler, September 2012

Carla Rees, Scott Miller: Devices and Desires (rarescale, rr004), The Rambler, September 2012

Birmingham Opera Company: MITTWOCH aus LICHTThe Rambler, August 2012

James Saunders and John Lely: Word Events (Continuum, 2012), The Rambler,  July 2012

JACK Quartet: Wigmore Hall Live (WHLive0053), The Rambler, May 2012


ELISION: City of London Festival, Music We’d Like to Hear, The Rambler, September 2011

Simon Cummings: Simulated Music (CD, i05), The Rambler, June 2011

Chaya Czernowin: Shifting Gravity (Wergo 6726-2), The Rambler, May 2011

Music from Stanford, vol.4 (innova 733), and Mark Applebaum: The Metaphysics of Notation (innova 787), The Rambler, May 2011

The NYFA Collection: 25 Years of New York New Music (innova 233), The Rambler, May 2011

ELISION: Brian Ferneyhough solo, The Rambler, March 2011

Brian Ferneyhough: Total Immersion, Musical Pointers, February 2011


Radius, Purcell Room, Musical Opinion, no.1474 (2010), 38 only

Alkan, Grand Sonate ‘Les quatre ages’, Musical Pointers, January 2010

Leon Michener and group, King’s Place, The Rambler, January 2010

Nadia Sirota: First Things First (New Amsterdam), The Rambler, January 2010

Björn Heile, ed.: The Modernist Legacy (Cambridge, 2009), Tempo, no.251 (2010), 62–5

Ian Wilson: Sullen earth (Riverrun RVRCD80), Tempo, no.251 (2010), 88 only

Borealis Festival Launch, Kings Place, The Rambler, February 2010

ELISION: Invisibility, Kings Place, Musical Pointers, February 2010

Roman Maciejewski: Missa pro defunctis, Westminster Cathedral, Musical Criticism, February 2010

Christopher Fox: Catalogue irraisoné (Métier MSVCD 92103), Musical Pointers, February 2010

Mark Knoop, Sound Studio, City University, Musical Pointers, February 2010

Peter Ablinger: 33-127 (Mode 206), The Rambler, March 2010

Brian Ferneyhough: Terrain, etc. (Kairos 0013072KAI), Musical Pointers, March 2010

ELISION: Terrain, Kings Place, Musical Pointers, March 2010

ELISION: Codex, Kings Place, Musical Pointers, June 2010

Amy X. Neuburg and the Cello Chixtet: The Secret Language of Subways (Starkland CD MM 017)), The Rambler, June 2010

Cornelius Dufallo: Dream Streets (Innova 735), The Rambler, June 2010

Beat Furrer: String Quartet no.3 (Kairos 0013132KAI), The Rambler, July 2010

Three CDs from the American Festival of Microtonal Music (Pitch P-200213, P-200214, P-200215), Musical Pointers, July 2010

ENO/Punchdrunk/Torsten Rasch: The Duchess of Malfi, Musical Criticism, July 2010

David Gorton: Trajectories (Métier MSVCD 92103), Musical Pointers, July 2010

Bayan Northcott: The Way We Listen Now (Woodbridge, 2009) and Roger Scruton: Understanding Music (London), 2009), Tempo, no.253 (2010), 59

Toca Loca: P*P (Centrediscs CMCCD 15009), The Rambler, August 2010

Anti-Social Music: Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore (innova 760), The Rambler, August 2010

Johnny Parry/Partial Gathering: _DRIFT Part 3: Death, Old Vic Tunnels, The Rambler, August 2010


Park Lane Group Young Artists, Musical Pointers, January 2009

Stockhausen: Total Immersion, Musical Pointers, January 2009

Elliott Carter and John Woolrich, Musical Pointers, January 2009

Chris Dench: Ik(s)land[s] (NMC D089); Richard Barrett: transmission (NMC D117), Musical Pointers, February 2009

Ian Pace: Musical Pointers, February 2009

Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, Musical Pointers, February 2009

Fidelio Trio, Musical Pointers, February 2009

Vladimir Martynov: Vita nuova, Musical Pointers, February 2009

Barry Schrader: Monkey King (Innova); Paul Abbott: Three Left Legacies (idiam); Svet Stoyanov: Percussive Counterpoint (Concert Artists Guild), The Rambler, February 2009

Paul Whitty: thirty-nine pages (Metier MSV28509), Musical Pointers, March 2009

Morton Feldman: For Christian Wolff (BRIDGE 9279A/C), Musical Pointers, March 2009

ELISION, Musical Pointers, April 2009

Richard Haynes, The Rambler, May 2009

New Amsterdam Records: William Brittelle: Mohair Time Warp; QQQ: Unpacking the Trailer; Corey Dargel: Other People’s Love Songs, The Rambler, May 2009

Mark Knoop: David Lumsdaine: Complete Music for Solo Piano (Tall Poppies TP198), The Rambler, June 2009

Radius, Musical Pointers, June 2009

Phil Kline: Around the World in a Daze; John The Revelator, The Rambler, June 2009

Esa-Pekka Salonen: Helix; Piano Concerto; Dichotomie (Deutsche Grammophon 477 8103), Musical Pointers, July 2009

David Matthews: Orchestral Works (Chandos CHAN 10487), Musical Pointers, July 2009

Krzysztof Penderecki: St Luke Passion, Canterbury Cathedral, Musical Opinion, no. (2009), p.

Richard Barrett: Opening of the Mouth (ABC Classics 476 3174), Tempo, no.250 (2009), 78–9

Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea / Paul Whitty: thirty-nine pages, Schott’s and Co., Musical Opinion, no.1473 (2009), p.45; also Musical Pointers, September 2009

new music::new ireland 1 (Morgan/Dullea), Musical Pointers, October 2009

EXAUDI, Musical Pointers, November 2009

Carl Rosman and Richard Haynes, Musical Pointers, November 2009

Enikő Magyar, The Rambler, December 2009

Liza Lim: The Navigator,, December 2009


Radius, The Rambler, January 2008

New Noise, Musical Pointers, April/May 2008

Luigi Nono: Promoteo, Musical Pointers, April/May 2008 [live]

Tony Conrad, The Rambler, June 2008

EXAUDI, Musical Pointers, June/July 2008

Fidelio Trio, Musical Pointers, June/July 2008

Luigi Nono: Promoteo (Col legno SACD 20605), Musical Pointers, September 2008

Dave Smith, The Rambler, September 2008

Thomas Larcher and Toru Takemitsu, Musical Pointers, September 2008

Tom Heasley and Toss Panos: Passages (Full Bleed); Joan Jeanrenaud: Strange Toys (Talking House); Paul Bailey Ensemble: Retrace Our Steps (Creative Commons), The Rambler, September 2008

Danielle Fosler-Lussier: Music Divided: Bartók’s Legacy in Cold War Culture (University of California Press, 2007) and Rachel Beckles Willson: Ligeti, Kurtág and Hungarian Music during the Cold War (Cambridge University Press, 2007), Tempo, no.243 (2008), 70–72

Michael van der Aa, Musical Pointers, October/November 2008

Lasse Thoresen: AbUno; Thus; Yr; Qudrat (AURORA ACD4968) and Som bølger på ett hav (NMH 9308), Musical Pointers, October/November 2008

Xenakis, Messiaen, Ligeti, Benjamin, Musical Pointers, October/November 2008

Gérard Grisey: Les espaces acoustiques, Musical Pointers, October/November 2008

Libra Duo, Musical Pointers, October/November 2008

Asamisamasa Duo, Musical Pointers, October/November 2008

Dumitrescu/Avram, Musical Pointers, October/November 2008


TJ Norris: triMix (Innova), The Rambler, January 2007

Various artists: The Art of the Virtual Rhythmicon (Innova), The Rambler, January 2007

Tin Hat: The Sad Machinery of Spring (Rykodisc), The Rambler, January 2007

Underground Contemporary Music Ensemble, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], February 2007

Paul Griffiths: A Concise History of Western Music (Cambridge University Press, 2006), The Rambler, February 2007

Gobsmack, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], March 2007

Tansy Davies: neon, Stuart MacRae: Interact (London Sinfonietta), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], April 2007

Cross-Atlantic Composers Partnership, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], April 2007

BBC Singers, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], May 2007

Philip Bimstein: Larkin Gifford’s Harmonica (Starkland), The Rambler, May 2007

Uroboros Ensemble, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], June 2007

Ute Wassermann, Richard Barrett: Pollen (Creative Sources), The Rambler, June 2007

John Morton: Solo Traveller (Innova), The Rambler, June 2007

Loré Lixenberg and David Alberman, Spitalfields Festival, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], June 2007

RAM Soloists, Spitalfields Festival, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], June 2007

Martin Butler: American Rounds (NMC), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], June 2007

Philip Thomas: Comprovisation (Bruce’s Fingers), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], June 2007

Cattral (Mats Scheidegger, guitar, Rico Gubler, sax), The Rambler, July 2007

Tim Parkinson, Music We’d Like to Hear, The Rambler, July 2007

Erdem Helvacıoğlu: Altered Realities (New Albion), The Rambler, August 2007

Contemporary Music from Ireland, vol.6 (CMC), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], September 2007

Peter Eötvös: Chinese Opera, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], October 2007

Roland Dahinden: flying white (mode), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], November 2007

Aleksander Szram: Into the 21st Century (Fonorum), The Rambler, November 2007

Sarah Nicolls: Hyper-Piano, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], December 2007

Enno Poppe, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], December 2007


The Holst Singers, The Rambler, January 2006

Corey Dargel: Less Famous Than You (Use Your Teeth), The Rambler, March 2006

Derek Bermel, The Rambler, April 2006

The Holst Singers, The Rambler, April 2006

Corey Dargel, The Rambler, May 2006

Juice, The Rambler, June 2006

Rich Woodson’s Ellipsis: The Nail That Stands Up Gets Pounded Down, The Rambler, August 2006

Polar Bear/Elysian Quartet/Princess and the Pervert, The Rambler, August 2006

Mark Applebaum: Asylum; Judy Dunaway: Mother of Balloon Music; Alexandra Gardner: Luminoso (all Innova), The Rambler, August 2006

Tigran Mansurian: Ars poetica (ECM), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], September 2006

Yoav Gal and Yael Kanarek: Bit by bit, cell by cell; Harry Partch: Enclosure 7 (both Innova), The Rambler, September 2006

Colmore Consort: Moments of Vision (Colmore Consort), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], September 2006

Apartment House/Parkinson-Saunders, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], October 2006

IXION, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], October 2006

vintage 909: Scanning (7hings), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], October 2006

György and Martá Kurtág, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], November 2006

Canticum: In the Gloom of Whiteness (Craft Music), New Notes online [subscriber-only access], November 2006

Helmut Lachenmann: Ausklang, Kontrakadenz, New Notes online [subscriber-only access], November 2006


‘First Performances: Warsaw Autumn Festival 2004′, Tempo, no.232 (2005), 75–7

Jonny Greenwood/London Sinfonietta, The Rambler, March 2005

London Sinfonietta, The Rambler, May 2005


John Cage Uncaged, The Rambler, January 2004

Murail, Grisey, Dufourt, The Rambler, February 2004

Elysian Quartet, The Rambler, March 2004

Ian Wilson: from the Book of Longing (Riverrun RVRCD65), Tempo, no.230 (2004), 85–6


Radiohead, Earl’s Court, The Rambler, November 2003


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