Mark Swed: Tough times call for tougher music

Clap Clap on John Luther Adams and loud.

Kalvos and Damian are back.

Daniel Wolf talks more sense in one post than I’ve managed in months.

Clearance sale

I’ve just spent my Bank holiday Monday reviewing, re-organising and recycling the mass of paperwork that accumulated while writing my thesis. To follow that up, I’m doing the same thing to my NetNewsWire clippings folder:

This Soho post on orchestral finances seems to have slipped below the radar, but is well worth your time.

Object Collection has posted a couple of videos of Jennifer Walshe’s music.

Brian Sacawa and ABAblog present performer’s eye views of new music publishers.

I’m really excited about this Stockhausen event planned for later in the year – a chance to properly assess some of those late pieces?

And I know it makes me a geek, but I’m almost as excited about Gramophone‘s review backlist going online. Just in time for my viva too!


A ton of stuff in the inbox – time for a spring clean:

Spiral Cage reviews some Lachenmann.

DJA on (ir)rational rhythm notations.

Composers in newspapers 1 – Anthony Pateras!

Composers in newspapers 2 – Heiner Goebbels!

Composers in newspapers 3 –  Jonathan Harvey!

Anthony Tommasini gets excited that Thomas “over-hyped and over there” Adès sells out Zankel Hall; overlooks the possibly more exciting Gerald Barry chamber opera from the previous night. Luckily, Feast of Music didn’t. Zankel only half full, apparently, so don’t sink all your money into new music shares just yet.

But really, ignore pocket operas – pocket Helicopter String Quartets are where it’s at.

FoM is also outraged that the NY Phil – the work’s commissioners – aren’t interested in playing Messiaen’s final masterpiece in his centenary year.

And countercritic has had it with Bernard Holland and the “entirely retarded” haters of atonal music.


From the inbox –

Scott Unrein’s nonpop podcast is back broadcasting selections of the great and good in (mostly) American experimental, postclassic and minimal music. Subscribe now.

And this is a great video, excerpted from Tadeusz Konwicki’s 1965 film Salto, featuring music by Hollywood’s favourite Polish film composer, Wojciech Kilar. Big thanks to Music for Maniacs for the link.

Some links

Marc Geelhoed’s all-new Deceptively Simple speaks out.

Ben Harper on Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth at the Tate.

An interview with Boulez.

Feast of Music on Elliott Carter.

Congrats to eighth blackbird for rising above the dull and dreary in this year’s otherwise uninspiring Grammys.

From the horse’s mouth – the RIAA on their desire for applying spyware and content filtering to your music use.

Funding for the arts is the subject of the hour, and NMBx gets in on the action – with some excellent stuff in the comments.

New Year links roundup

The IPKat has a great New Year’s list of people whose works will be coming out of copyright in the UK this year (although there are some qualifications to this list in the comments). The list includes Gershwin, Szymanowski and Ravel.

You’d better not laugh, you’d better not cry – Cage’s Variations VII is coming to town.

Warners relax on DRM-free MP3.

Scott ranks the classical music-o-sphere by Technorati and Google. I’m a mid-20s non-mover.

Daniel Wolf’s Winter Album is now online, with several bloggy contributions.

And I should have plugged this long ago, but Halvorsen’s latest contribution to the Blogariddims project is well worth your attention.