More of Mode’s Cage Edition reaches Spotify

Mode Records continue to add recordings from their Complete John Cage Edition to Spotify. The always-vigilant Ulyssestone alerted me over the weekend to the latest additions. All are now included in my Complete John Cage Edition playlist. They are:

  • Vol.8 Europera 5 (mode 36)
  • Vol.11 Orchestral Works 1 (mode 41)
  • Vol.13 The Piano Works 1 (mode 47)
  • Vol.15 The Lost Works (mode 55)
  • Vol.17 The Piano Works 3 (mode 63)
  • Vol.38 The Number Pieces 4 (mode 186)
  • Vol.39 The Number Pieces 5 (mode 193) [NB: Mistagged on Spotify as Vol.38]

The total playlist now numbers 33 albums (out of 45), and 426 tracks.


The (incomplete) Complete John Cage Edition on Spotify

Apropos of nothing at all, but feel free to attach Jubilympic branding to it if you so wish, I’ve compiled as much as I can find on Spotify of Mode Records’ Complete John Cage Edition into one monster playlist. It adds up to 441 tracks, or more than one full day of music.

It’s not the complete run of what is published: not all of it is available digitally (Vol.1 is only available as a very limited run LP, for example), and some volumes (such as Vol.31),  are only available on DVD. But it’s still pretty good, especially with the more recent releases. With some help from Ulyseestone I’ve managed to wrestle the following from Spotify’s less-than-perfect search engine:

Vol.2 Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music (mode 3/6)
Vol.4 Music for Merce Cunningham (mode 24)
Vol.5 Complete String Quartets 2 (mode 27) [first three tracks missing because of mislabelling]
Vol.6 Roaratorio; Laughtears; Writing for the Second Time Through
Finnegan’s Wake (mode 28/29, 2-CDs)
Vol.7 Freeman Etudes, Books 1 & 2 (mode 32)
Vol.8 Europera 5 (mode 36)
Vol.9 Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4 (mode 37)
Vol.11 Orchestral Works 1 (mode 41)
Vol.12 The Number Pieces 1 (mode 44)
Vol.13 The Piano Works 1 (mode 47)
Vol.14 Piano Works 2: Sonatas & Interludes (mode 50)
Vol.15 The Lost Works (mode 55)
Vol.16 The Piano Concertos (mode 57)
Vol.17 The Piano Works 3 (mode 63)
Vol.18 The Choral Works 1 (mode 71)
Vol.19 Number Pieces 2/Complete String Quartets 3: Five3 (mode 75)
Vol.22 Works for Violin 3 (mode 88)
Vol.24 Works for Saxophone 1 (mode 104)
Vol.25 The Piano Works 4 (mode 106)
Vol.26 Orchestral Works 3 (mode 108)
Vol.27 Works for Violin 5 (mode 118)
Vol.28 The Piano Works 5 (mode 123) [NB: Incorrectly labelled Piano Works 6]
Vol.29 The Piano Works 6 (mode 147)
Vol.32 Number Pieces 3: One8 (mode 141)
Vol.33 Works for Violin 5/Complete String Quartets 4: 44 Harmonies;
Cheap Imitation (mode 144/145, 2-CDs)
Vol.34 The Piano Works 7 (mode 158)
Vol.35 A Cage of Saxophones 2 (mode 160)
Vol.37 Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano (mode 180/181)
Vol.38 The Number Pieces 4 (mode 186)
Vol.39 The Number Pieces 5 (mode 193) [NB: Mistagged on Spotify as Vol.38]
Vol.41 Cage Performs Cage (mode 200)
Vol.42 A Cage of Saxophones Vols. 3 & 4 (mode 222/23)
Vol.43 The Works for Percussion 1 (mode 229, CD & DVD)
Vol.44 The Number Pieces 6 (mode 239)
Vol.45 The Works for Percussion 2 (mode 243)