Tim Rutherford-Johnson is a freelance writer on music, sometime scholar and 24/7 dad. He also runs Red Pen, Blue Pen, a professional editorial service for students, academics and the arts. The Rambler is a blog dedicated to experimental music and modern composition – the music that no one else dare tell you about.

He is currently writing a book on composition since 1989 for University of California Press. See here for a flavour of what it might be like.

Recent writings have been on Bryce Dessner, Philip Glass, Clara Ianotta, Liza Limand Valentin Silvestrov.

His new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Music –  Ramblified to include hundreds of new entries on modern composition, world music, and pop, rock, jazz and electronica – was published in 2012 by Oxford University Press. It can be bought from the following online retailers, or directly from the publisher themselves:

If you would like to contact me, please email timrutherfordjohnson AT gmail DOT com (NB: new address since July 2014.)

You can on also find me on Twitter (@moderncomp), and on Facebook.