Links for the week

Carl Wilson on recent changes at the Village Voice music section.

Alex Ross on iPods and classical music, summing up the current blogosphere debate nicely.

Wicked new dubstep mix from Blackdown; after Keysound Radio, one of my top 5 mixes of last year, any new Blackdown material is essential.

The Telegraph's Neil McCormick wonders if we're witnessing the death of the album. P'raps, although reissues, best-ofs, soundtracks and easy listening still sell well down at your local Tesco. As Tom Ewing has observed, 'twas ever thus; the dominance of the rebellious rock album over the charts was not the original paradigm; maybe now we're simply returning to that paradigm. Therefore nothing is dying, it's simply reverting. But then, does any real music fan care about the charts any more?

Smaller acts forgo getting paid for getting heard, according to the Denver Post, pointing up the benefits of free promotion.

Lady Sovereign: The country's fourth biggest chav (according to the charming raconteurs of gets an interview in the Independent. Key quote, from Def Jam's Rob Stevenson: "She's a white, English, female rapper. Name another one." Eat that, haters. (And no, Debbie Harry does not count.)


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