Line-up announced for Music We’d Like to Hear 2012

I’ve just been alerted (by @petemaskreplica) that the line-up for this year’s Music We’d Like to Hear has been announced. Look like an especially strong series this year, with some great performers and the usual repertory mix of the intriguing, rare and completely unknown.

I | Markus Trunk, 4th july 2012

Piano duet relay

Tom Johnson: Symmetries
Christian Wolff: Duet (I)
Kunsu Shim: Zu•Sammen
Laurence Crane: Piano Duet
And new arrangements by Hilary Robinson, Catherine Kontz and John Lely

Performed by Michael Parsons, Hilary Robinson, Mark Knoop, Philip Thomas, Catherine Kontz, Kerry Yong and Claudia Molitor

II | Tim Parkinson, 11th July 2012


Music by Pat Allison, Joseph Kudirka, Kunsu Shim, Jürg Frey, Manfred Werder, Tim Parkinson, Taylan Susam and Michael Pisaro

Performed by Edges Ensemble

III | John Lely, 18th july 2012

Hanne Darboven: opus 17a

Performed by Michael Duch, double bass

All concerts: 7:30, Church of St Anne & St Agnes, £9 (£6)

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