New on Radio Rambler: Stockhausen, Poppe, Flynt, Lang

I’ve updated the Radio Rambler Spotify playlist, my less-than regular scour through Spotify’s archives to find the best new music that might otherwise escape your attention.

Currently up are the following four delicious hours:

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mixtur 2003 (Forward Version) (NEOS)
Hermann Keller: Scene for Solo Trombone (NEOS)
François Sarhan: The Name of the Song (NEOS)
Martin Smolka: Semplice (NEOS)
Enno Poppe: Keilschrift (NEOS)
Manfred Stahnke: ImpansionExpansion (Satelita)
David Gorton: String Quartet no.1 ‘Trajectories’ (Divine Art)
Michele Dall’Ongaro: Grimoire (Milano Dischi)
Henry Flynt: Celestial Power (Henry Flynt)
Bernhard Lang: Differenz/Wiederholung 2 (Kairos)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mixtur 2003 (Retrograde Version) (NEOS)

As always, you can listen to the whole lot here through Spotify. Previous tracks played on Radio Rambler may be found in the archiveprevious playlists are all here.

If you like what you hear, and you you think others might too, please spread the word.

Image by Lauren Manning on Flickr.


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