#promsnewmusic 2015

It’s Proms announcement time again. See below for the definitive list of new music in this year’s festival, or follow  #promsnewmusic on Twitter.

Some brief observations.

Last year it was all about the birthdays of Sir Harrison Birtwistle and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. This year it’s Pierre Boulez’s turn. I had a bit of moan last 12 months ago that so much of the programming was dominated by two elderly peers, but it’s hard to complain at the attention Boulez is getting. He did conduct the BBC SO for several years after all, and did much to shape the place of new music in this country at an important time, so proper recognition at the Proms is due.

That said, with the Proms and the Barbican both marking Boulez’s 90th in grand style, it’s a shame (as Leo Chadburn observed) that neither found room (or resources, or courage) to put on Répons.

Last year I noted six women among the new music composers, up from three the previous year. This year that number has nearly doubled again, to 11 12 – including two commissions for Anna Meredith, and one credit for Dame Evelyn Glennie as co-composer. They are: Anna Meredith (Proms 2+3, and 22); Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Shiori Isui, Betsy Jolas and Joanna Lee (all Chamber Prom 1); Tansy Davies (Prom 31); Keiko Abe and Evelyn Glennie (both Chamber 4); Elena Alissa Firsova (Prom 56); Helen Grime (Saturday Matinee 4); Arlene Sierra (Chamber 8) and Eleanor Alberga (Last Night, Prom 76).

Other points of note: Michael Finnissy finally gets that second Albert Hall performance, 27 years after Red Earth. The BBC SO, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and Boston SO are all having a go at the Berlin Philharmonic’s trick of pairing a Mahler symphony with something new (pieces by MacMiillan, Davies and Dean, respectively, Proms 24, 31 and 49). Will they work as well as the classic Lachenmann combination?

Other highlights? Probably Luca Francesconi’s Duende (Prom 13), postponed from last year. SWR SO playing Boulez, Ligeti and Bartók (Prom 55) would also have to be up there. Pieces by Luke Bedford (Prom 20), Jón Leifs (Prom 47), Raymond Yiu (Prom 54) and Christian Mason (Sat Mat 4) also appeal. Anders’ Hillborg’s music strikes me as very Proms-friendly; he’s back too with Beast Sampler (Prom 47). Oh, and there’s a newly discovered piece by the late Olivier Messiaen (Prom 29).

5 against 4 has some alternative reactions.

For those who can’t be in London, every Prom will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3, and online in HD sound. Proms marked ** in the list below will also be broadcast on TV, either live or at a later date.

Here’s the full list (click the bold to go to the BBC’s listing page) (updated with corrections already):

Prom 1** Gary Carpenter, Dadaville (BBC commission, WP)

Proms 2+3 (CBBC Proms)** John Adams, Short Ride in a Fast Machine; Anna Meredith, Connect It (BBC Commission: LP)

Prom 4 John Woolrich, Falling Down (LP) [NB: Parts of this Prom will be broadcast on TV, but not the Woolrich, although the whole concert will be online.] 

Chamber Prom 1 Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Homage to Tallis (WP)

Prom 5** HK Gruber, ‘into the open …’ (in memory of David Drew) (WP)

Prom 7** Hugh Wood, Epithalamium (BBC commission: WP)

Saturday Matinee 1 Pierre Boulez, Notations 2, 12 & 10; 13 arr. Johnannes Schöllhorn (UKP); Shiori Usui, Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis s.l. (BBC Commission: WP); Betsy Jolas, Wanderlied (UKP); Joanna Lee, Hammer of Solitude (BBC Commission: WP); Boulez, Dérive II

Prom 13** Boulez, Notations 1–4 and 7; Luca Francesconi, Duende – The Dark Notes (BBC co-commission: UKP)

Prom 15 Qigang Chen, Iris dévoilée (LP)

Prom 20 Luke Bedford, Instability (BBC Commission: WP)

Prom 22** Brett Dean, Pastoral symphony; Meredith, Smatter Hauler (BBC Commission: WP)

Chamber Prom 3 Colin Matthews, String Quartet no. 5 (EuroP)

Prom 24** James MacMillan, Symphony no. 4 (BBC Commission: WP)

Prom 28 Mark-Anthony Turnage, On Opened Ground

Prom 29 Olivier Messiaen, Un oiseau des arbres de Vie (Oiseau tui) (orch. C. Dingle. WP); Ravel, Miroirs: Oiseaux tristes (arr. Colin Matthews. BBC Commission)

Prom 31 Tansy Davies, Re-greening (WP) [NB: Parts of this Prom will be broadcast on TV, but not the Davies, although the whole concert will be online.]

Prom 32** Jonathan Newman, Blow It Up, Start Again (EuroP); Eric Whitacre, The River Cam, Cloudburst, Quiet City, Equus, Deep Field

Chamber Prom 4 Keiko Abe, Prism Rhapsody for Marimba and Orchestra; Evelyn Glennie & Philip Sheppard, Orologeria aureola; Bertram Wee, Dithyrambs; John Psathas, View from Olympus

Prom 36 Boulez, Figures-Doubles-Prismes

Prom 42 Michael Finnissy, Janne (BBC Commission: WP)

Prom 47 Jón Leifs, Organ Concerto, Op.7; Anders Hillborg, Beast Sampler

Prom 49 Dean, Dramatis Personae

Prom 52 Thierry Escaich, unknown compositions

Prom 54 Raymond Yiu, Symphony (BBC Commission: WP)

Prom 55 Boulez, …explosante-fixe… 

Prom 56 Elena Alissa Firsova, Bergen’s Bonfire (WP)

Saturday Matinee 4 Boulez, Mémoriale (‘.. explosante-fixe ..’ Originel); Helen Grime, A Cold Spring; Boulez, Domaines; Christian Mason, Open to Infinity: a Grain of Sand (BBC co-commission: UKP); Boulez, Éclat/Multiples

Prom 64 B Tommy Andersson, Pan (BBC Commission: WP)

Prom 69 Guy Barker, The Lanterne of Light (BBC commission: WP)

Chamber Prom 8 Arlene Sierra, Butterflies Remember a Mountain

Prom 76 (Last Night)** Eleanor Alberga, Arise, Athena! (BBC Commission: WP)

3 thoughts on “#promsnewmusic 2015

  1. Hi Tim

    Thanks for the Proms article. I always enjoy your comments. Just some minor things:

    Bergen’s Bonfire isn’t by Elena Firsova but by her daughter, whose style seems a little more conventional.

    When you write that “Parts of this Prom will be broadcast”, surely the whole Prom will be on R3; it’d be quite a change of policy if it weren’t, or have I missed something?

    Best wishes

    Robert Stein

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