Lim and Nono chronological playlists

I suppose as a nascent hobby I’ve started putting together chronological, bingeable playlists of composers’ outputs on Spotify. So far I’ve done this in connection with something I’ve been reading and/or writing about. My first one, for the music of Luigi Nono, was inspired by a review I was writing of Nostalgia for the Future, University of California Press’s English edition of his writings and interviews.

It seemed to go down pretty well on Twitter, so I’ve just made a second in this unofficial series, on Liza Lim, on whom I wrote an entry for the Komponisten der Gegenwart encyclopedia earlier this year. While the Nono playlist was close to complete (surprisingly so, actually), this is far from it. Yet it’s better than I thought, and – gratifyingly – much, much better than it would have been four or five years ago. You can listen to it here:

The Nono list is here:

With both, but particularly the Nono list, there were some occasions where I had to choose between recordings. If you have your own preference, or know where I might find anything that I’ve missed (perhaps it has been mistagged), please let me know in the comments.

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