Speaking appearances, November 2019

I will be talking about music in two settings next week.

On Tuesday, 5 November, I will be at the University of Huddersfield as a contributor (with Robert Adlington and Aaron Cassidy) to the first session in this year’s Speculations in Sound, a five-week series of seminar/workshop afternoons discussing the role and place of new music within contemporary culture and society. Session 1 is rather bracingly called ‘What the fuck are we doing here?’, and Robert, Aaron and I will be doing our best to spin that as a call to action rather the end of the world.

Three days later, on Friday 8 November, I will be at November Music, in the gorgeous town of ‘s-Hertengebosch, the Netherlands, to give a keynote lecture on the subject of ‘Music after Music after the Fall’. Since I finished Music after the Fall in spring 2016, the world has, let’s say, changed a bit. Did I accidentally capture an era, from 1989–2016? What do I think has happened since then that will change the direction of music? (It might not be what you think.)

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