International Women’s Day: Radio Rambler special

To mark International Women’s Day today, a special Rambler spotify playlist of awesome music by women composers. No dead white guys.

Annea Lockwood – World Rhythms
Karin Rehnqvist – I. Det For Två Vita Duvor
Judith Weir – King Harald’s Saga
Leilei Tian – Ensemble Intégrales
Olga Neuwirth – Suite aus ‘Bählamms Fest’, part 1
Chaya Czernowim – Afatsim
Meredith Monk – Earth Seen from Above
Misato Mochizuki – Intermezzi I
Sofia Gubaidulina – Cello Concerto no.2
Kaija Saariaho – Jardin Secret I
Isabel Mundry – Ohne Titel
Galina Ustvolskaya – Piano Sonata no.6
Jennifer Walshe – G.L.O.R.I.-
Pauline Oliveros – Beautiful Soop

Honourable mentions to many I wanted to include but who aren’t currently represented on Spotify, but particularly Liza Lim and Rebecca Saunders.

With apologies to my American readers. If I could give you Spotify, I would.

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