After the launch

Well I had an absolutely fantastic evening on Thursday at The Word Bookshop in New Cross, celebrating Music after the Fall‘s arrival into the world. Huge thanks to everyone who came, to David and Annette at The Word for hosting, to Wiley for getting the books to us (we sold out!), and to Amy of Stanley’s Cake Boutique for fulfilling a near-impossible brief to render 25 years of contemporary music in flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Following the Ozzy theme of the book’s cover image, she produced a creation in the form of one of Ross Bolleter’s ruined pianos in the Australian outback. Amazing, and delicious.

Incredibly, we actually sold out of books on the night. Moreover, there aren’t any more coming into the country until next month – so if you see one, snap it up!

Before: Chapter 6: Superabundance
The author in full flow


Cake + book (photo by @Wordbookshop)

After: Chapter 7: Loss

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