Secret Music

Secret Music is the name I’ve given to this blog’s ongoing project to curate the best new music that is falling under the radar of the media and the major institutions. This is the music that the newspapers, radio, magazines and even blogs are hardly aware of. It’s often music that isn’t getting performed by the big ensembles or at the well-funded venues, and that the wider public are hardly aware of. But I think it is some of the best work being composed today.

Secret Music posts are organised under the headings below, or just click anywhere you see the Secret Music tag.

We live in a great age for new music, a time of unprecedented variety and skill. Secret Music is one way to discover what that sounds like.

Secret Music: Concert listings

Monthly listings of the best in under-the-radar new music. Series begun in 2013. Contact me if you are a promoter, player or composer and would like to submit your concert for consideration.

Radio Rambler

Ongoing Spotify playlist of the best in contemporary and late 20th-century music. Updated every few months; previous playlists are archived at Radio Rambler – Previously Played. Organised under the Radio Rambler tag.

Composer interviews

This series of posts began in 2010 under the heading “10 for ’10“, with the idea of interviewing 10 young/early career composers in the year. The project has drifted and/or expanded since then, and is no longer exclusive to 2010.

Contemporary Notation Project

Series begun in 2012, looking at the range of contemporary notational practices.

Rambler Roundtables and other specials

Every now and then I break out a special investigation or study of a particular musical area that has interested me. Several of these have taken the form of “Rambler Roundtables” – extended online discussions organised between performers and composers, which I edit down and publish here.

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